“Kings Of The Wood” new 8pt series airs this eve Jan’25th 9pm

“”Kings Of The Wood” new 8pt series begins this eve on Quest – Jan’25th 9pm.

Link to official site

From Ricochet/Warner Bros the makers of The Repair Shop, comes the new quiz show Kings Of The Wood. I composed the incidental music, thanks to the amazing musicians who helped bring the score to life drums Joel Barford, and guitars James Pusey.

Deep in the woods, an elite gang of highly-skilled woodworkers, carpenters and cabinet makers have joined forces to create beautiful items of furniture for deserving recipients. In each episode, three visitors are welcomed into a magical woodland workshop, where they tell the story of a friend, neighbour or relative who they feel deserves a gift, expertly hand-crafted out wood. Our experts get to work, utilising all the skills of their craft, as they lovingly bring their stunning creations to life. A few days later, the visitors return, this time with their friend or relative in tow, to see the newly crafted gift unveiled in all its splendour.


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