New studio under construction (Dec’13-Feb’14)

Studio Construction

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Update – finished

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Ian Livingstone Composer for Films, TV & Games

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  • Hi Ian,
    As you have done, I am getting rid of a lot of my outboard gear and moving to a more computer based setup, mainly for mobility reasons. Other than Cubase/Nuendo, is there
    any other software you use to network your
    8 rack of computers with your Lan. I have
    found this tricky to set up in Cubase.

    Mar 03, 2014

  • I know most people prefer VEPro but I still use midioverlan to run midi out to the slaves, and the audio comes back from RME Adat cards on each slave into an Rme ADI-648 adat to madi, which then goes into a single RME HDSP Madi card. I find using real physical audio outs far lower latency than trying to stream all those channels over the lan.

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