F1 2010 soundtrack

F1 2010
Soundtrack for forthcoming Formula 1 video game, recorded live at Abbey Rd studio2 May 2010
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Ian Livingstone Composer for Films, TV & Games

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  • Hey Ian. I love your work on F1 2010. Want to buy the album. I write music for TV. Did you use Hollywood Strings (East West/Play) for this project as well as live strings? Anyway great job.

  • many thanks Peter – hoping that Codemasters will release it officially – probably for free as they did with Grid, but for now I see someone’s uploaded some of it to youtube.
    EWHS arrived mid way through the project so there’s a hint of it in there but most of what you hear is live strings.


  • Any news from Codemasters yet? The compositions you have created are wonderful. Very atmospheric and ambient 🙂

  • thanks for your kind words Ashley – I’ve no idea if it’s going to be released I’m afraid – will let you know if I hear anything.

  • Debjit Majumder
    17th October 2013 3:40 pm

    Hi, Ian. love the themes of f1 2010. can u please tell me what is the theme soundtrack that plays during loading before practise session.. ?? not the paddock or end credits theme.

  • thanks Debjit – check your mail 🙂

  • Hi Ian, I absolutely love the F1 2010 Paddock background music, brings me in such a great state of mind! Can you refer me to any similar songs of yours? Would love to hear more of those soothing sounds!

  • livingadmin
    29th May 2016 5:27 pm

    Thanks – there’s a few chilled tracks on Grid2 soundtrack – download link on my “music” page or try:-
    Grid2 OST

  • Hello Mr. Livingstone. I maybe a bit late, but I love the F1 2010 soundtrack, it’s fantastic. I would love to know if there is anyway I could acquire it in .wav or .flac formats? Thanks!

  • thanks for the kind words – Codemasters did release F12012 as a free soundtrack which included the F12010 theme – there’s a link to it on my music page at the top. I’m afraid legally I can’t distribute the rest of the soundtrack but it has been ripped from the game and posted on youtube.

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