Composer for Video Games

Live Orchestra

Various orchestra options available from midi mockup, single soloist or quartet to full orchestra in Bulgaria or Prague to London.

Studio Facilities

State of the art facility built by based near Guildford (1hr South of London) with grand and upright Yamaha Pianos, Dolby 5.1, Quested monitors, Neve 1073 preamps, Neumann U87 Mics etc


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Hybrid specialist

With a background in both classical and synthesis – in-house facilities include a wide range of vintage and modern synthesisers including ARP2600, Jupiter8, Prophet5, Oberheim OB8, OSCar, Pro-One, Juno, SH101, SH2 etc


Latest Games

Latest TV/Film

Ian Livingstone Composer for Films, TV & Games

Ian Livingstone – Composer

Composer For Video Games

Immersice, contemporary video game scores. Dynamic, sophisticated, mood enhancing soundtracks.

Composer for Television

Critically acclaimed themes and soundtracks to TV programs.

Composer for Film

Immersice, contemporary film scores. Dynamic, sophisticated, mood enhancing soundtracks.