new video game projects – Grid2 and Total War: Rome II


Rome II
I’m currently working on the scores for 2 AAA video games – “Race Driver Grid2” for Codemasters and “Total War: Rome II” for Creative Assembly / Sega.

Music clips and official soundtrack releases coming soon – Grid2 is due to be released May 31st 2013, score was recorded by the Macedonia Radio Symphonic Orchestra.

Here’s some trailers to both games, music composed by me.

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  • Hello, Ian! Beautiful themes. Can you name or provide the track from GRID 2 An American Dream trailer? I wanna hear it w/o telling over it. Thanks!

  • Thanks for the kind words – OST is being released this coming Monday (initially for free via Codemasters site then iTunes/Spotify) – all the trailer tracks are on there too 🙂

  • Hello Ian, I’ve been playing Grid 2 for a while now and I have to say that the soundtrack is phenomenal! I just searched on iTunes for it, but didn’t see it. Is there a date for its release to iTunes? I would really like to get my hands on it.

  • thanks for the kind words! Still in debate re: an itunes release – but it’s being released as a free download via codemasters site hopefully early next week, and will also be on Spotify.

  • Hello Ian,
    I’m really enjoying the music in Grid 2. I was wondering if the soundtrack had been released yet. I cannot seem to find it on itunes, Spotify, or the Codemasters website. Thanks!

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