Forza Horizon 5 is released!


Forza Horizon 5 is released!

In collaboration with Sounding Sweet I contributed over 20mins of original music to the highly anticipated next chapter in the Forza Horizon series Forza Horizon 5.

Orchestra performed by the Sofia Session Orchestra, Four For Music
Conductor – George Strezov
Orchestration + additional music – Michael Doherty
Guitar solos – Glenn Sharp
Drums – Joel Barford
Marimba solos – Kai Stensgaard
Violin solos – Pete Whitfield and Sarah Brandwood-Spencer
Trumpet solos – Hugh Davies
Orchestra mixing – Simon Barford.

Huge thank you to Ed Walker at Sounding Sweet and Fraser Strachan at Playground Games for having me on board!

Update – Forza Horizon 5 wins the IGN Game Of The Year award, and Best Audio Design at The Game Awards!

Official Site

Developed by Playground Games / Microsoft


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