Big Fat Gypsy Weddings series2 Music Clips

My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding
I recently wrote the soundtrack to Big Fat Gypsy Weddings series 2 which airs tonight ch4 9pm.
Channel 4 link
Here’s some music clips:-

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  • hi how can i aup load the music so i can record it on to a cd this music is so cool

  • I enjoyed the music above, have you made any albums or can we buy the tracks anywhere. I help run a gym club and were always looking for different music.
    I like Dancing girls & Bums tits – although I’d have to alter the title for the kids!

  • thanks – if there’s enough interest I’ll speak to the producers about compiling a downloadable soundtrack, thanks for listening 🙂

  • Sooner the better! I’ve been searching iTunes for this – great music, thank you!

  • Hi…there’s a song used in the second series that is ridiculously catchy but not on this list, is there anywhere I can find it?!

  • Hi Ian really love this soundtrack, please could you sort it to download?

  • Dear Ian

    Wow, simply brilliant music, love the section of ‘Dancing Girls 0.15-0.25, the phrasing is just so emotionally written, for those of us that have played music, certain phrases simply make you shiver and this is one of them. Hope you release it on CD ASAP or full Download, I would certainly buy it…….Well done on your TV score for this programme.

  • Thanks for the kind words David 🙂

  • Is there an MP3 of the theme? Good work!

  • Great music. Would buy off iTunes now if it were available.

  • Hi Ian,
    I am writing my dissertation on how music and sound is used in documentary and including BFGW. Would you be willing to give me some information on your inspiration and sources for the sounds/melodies used? It would be great to be able to use a first hand quote.Any feedback hugely appreciated.
    Best, Judith

  • no problem Judith have just dropped you a mail.

  • thanks – I may have some news for you in the next few days on an itunes soundtrack 🙂

  • thanks for the interest – may have some news for you in the next few days regarding an iTunes release 🙂

  • Hi,

    Are there any updates to this bit of good news yet?

  • Took a while to get the wheels in motion but we have a green light – just compiling for iTunes at the moment hoping it’ll be released in the next week or so – will keep you posted! Thanks for the interest.

  • what was the spanish sounding music on series 2 in 2012? x

  • if it’s the cue I think you mean it’ll be on the iTunes soundtrack – thanks for the interest.

  • Love this soundtrack so much! Can’t wait to buy it on iTunes. Me and my friends will be grinding to this like we’re on the show!

  • i would like to know the name of the song a girl danced with her mum on the 2nd dance at her wedding and i went something like i loved her first whats the song called please

  • At the risk of coming across like a stalker, any news yet? 🙂

  • just been submitted – so hopefully within the next week – thanks for the interest 🙂

  • I loved her first! I didn’t write it – not sure of the artist

  • Brilliant news, Ian. I hope all the interest translates to lots of sales for you. Can’t wait to get them on my iPod.

  • I see it’s finally made it to iTunes. Purchased the entire album today. Great stuff, Ian.

  • thanks MazY – yes sorry for the wait – and many thanks for buying!

  • I just loved the music for this series! The accordion is one of my favorite instruments, and it helped set the mood for the show perfectly. Really reminded me of Yann Tiersen’s soundtrack for Amelie (another favorite!). Fantastic work.

  • Thanks Rachel 🙂

  • Hello Mr.Livingstone

    My name is Kiran and I was wondering if you could tell me the name of the song that is used in the second season in the fourth episode, the song starts softly at 8 minutes in after/during the christened of the baby and and comes in full at 8 min 9 seconds when the woman comes down the stairs. Can you please tell me what the name of the song is ive checkt but its not here on your list.

    Thanks you very much and the song -Pretitles- is AMAZING!

  • Hi Kiran – not sure tbh – had a look on youtube and ep4 at 8mins it’s the song “Pink Cha Cha” (from the itunes soundtrack not on the clips here) but I’m not seeing a christening or woman coming down the stairs at that point – if not could you give me the exact time from the youtube link (rightclick on the timeline and select “copy URL at current time”) and will tell you for sure what it is. Thanks for the interest and kind words on my music, Ian.

  • Hello again Mr.Livingstone

    I apoligize for letting you search for nothing, my mistake its episode 5, second season at that exact time simply the next episode thats the song I mean. Its is really brilliant.(The title of that episode is –Reputation is Everything–)

    Thanks for responding!


  • Hi Kiran – found it – that one didn’t make it onto the soundtrack but check your mail 🙂

  • Thank you so much Mr.Livingstoneand I wish you all the success.

    (The Netherlands)

  • Hi,
    I’m not sure what season but I know it’s epsiode 2 where Sam the non gypsy marries into the gypsy culture? There is a scene where 3 cousins just had their communion and are dancing back at the house and the only part of the lyrics I can hear is something like ‘talk like that, dance like that, I want to dance dance dance’ it’s by a female. I then found the epsiode online and the same clip had a lady gaga song playing not the song I heard when it aired in Australia a week ago!!! I can’t find this song and its driving me crazy!!

  • haven’t a clue – sorry! you could try the iphone app Shazam….

  • Hello! Please help me as I’m going mad! I am in LOVE with one of the peices of music in Season 1- episode 2 (No place like home) at 45:00!! A TINY bit of it is in your first song on itunes which I purchased but I’m so dissapointed as its not the right one at all and I can’t find it anywhere!! I would pay the full price of a full album for just that song! Please contact me I would be so grateful! Thank you


  • Thats the same episode I’m dying to know the song of too! When I watched that bit back with the girls dancing after their communion the song played is the black eyed peas – I gotta feeling… I have a feeling they changed the song you first heard!

  • Hi Sherinne – check your inbox 🙂

  • Hi Ian,

    I seem to be having the same problem as Sherinne. I am looking for the song that starts off the Pretitles but I still cant find it.

    If you could let me know what song it is or who the artist is that would be great.

    Thanks so much!!


  • Omg… I still remember the first moment I heard this music and I wish I could fully explain how it made me feel inside. I was lying on my couch, while watching TLC- and the series “my big fat gypsy wedding”
    Was on. I of course began watching it and one of the main reasons I was so drawn to the show was the MUSIC.. Always such a tease too bc it would only play for seconds at a time. I’ve literally WAITED AND WAITED for the new series to begin again
    Mainly to catch more seconds of this amazing music!! I was so sad- when the show My big fat American gypsy wedding finally aired and there wasn’t this awesome music in the background 🙁 I was heartbroken!… It’s very disappointing bc I really believe the music helped make the show what it was. I have googled so many times trying to find out more on the music- and finally found this website!!! I am about to buy the series 1 and 2 of my big fat gypsy wedding JUST so I can hear it! (I probably sound crazy but this music has me so drawn to it, in a way that shocks me to this day!)

  • many thanks for the kind words Melanie – has made my morning 🙂

  • Hi Ian,

    I am currently writing my dissertation on music as a vital ingredient in documentary. I am particularly fond of your compositions in BFGW. I am really interested in your inspiration behind the compositions. If possible, would you be able to send me a email explaining your inspirations and sources for creating a soundtrack appropriate for the documentary? I would love feedback. Great job on the soundtrack sounds wonderful!


  • Thanks for the kind words Charlotte no problem drop me a line. Ian

  • Great, I’ve sent you an email. Look forward to hearing from you.

  • Hi, Your music is excellent and I was wondering if you composed the backing to Delores spannish themed dresses heres the link:
    Please let me know!

  • thanks matt – yes that was mine

  • PLEASE PLEASE send me the tracks of the songs that didn’t make the soundtrack, they’re all so good especially the ones from reputation is everything!

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