F1 23 is released today!


F1 23 is released today!.

#F123 is Released today!

Proud to have worked on the original score for this years title – thanks again to Codemasters and EA for having me on board!

Thanks to all the amazing musicians and audio team:-
Codemasters: Stephen Root, Rory Hay, Brad Porter, James Kneen
EA: Steve Schnur, Singh Singh

Additional Music – Ethan Livingstone
Vocals – Julie Seechuk,
Guitars – Chris Jojo
Mastering – John Elleson-Hartley

Recorded at Abbey Rd Studio 2
Conducted by Jeff Atmajian
Orchestra Contractor – Jenny Goshawk, Isobel Griffiths Limited
Orchestrations – Pete Whitfield
Score Recorded by Andrew Dudman
Recordist - Chris Barrett
Assistant Engineer – Steve Parker
Violin Leader – Magnus Johnston
Viola 1st – Bruce White
Cello 1st – Nick Cooper

Here’s a playlist of the new tracks for this years game, plus some older F1 themes:-

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