The Great British Sewing Bee – new series aired last night


I recently composed the score for the new series, The Great British Sewing Bee – Claudia Winkleman presents a contest in which eight people compete to be crowned Britain’s best amateur sewer.
The follow up to BBC’s hugely sucessful show “Great British Bake Off” debuted yesterday with 2.6 million viewers.

link to official BBC page

Here’s the main titles theme.

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American Idol

I composed the music for some of the incidental music on this years American Idol show, originally written for ITV’s Juice library. clip3
Ian Livingstone Composer for Films, TV & Games

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  • Hi Ian. I love this piece of music! Is there any way of getting hold of it as an MP3 file to use it as a ringtone?! Cheers Miranda

  • Thanks Miranda – we’re looking at compiling some of the music from the show for an iTunes album – will keep you posted.

  • Does anyone know, Who was the male singer in the rolling credits at the end of the final final show is?

    Many thanks.

  • Hi

    My Dad is trying to work out what the last song was on the final of the series, he thinks it’s by Johnny Ray. Can you help put him out of his misery and I can purchase it for him.

    (think a sewing bee album is a great idea by the way!)


  • Great music – really enjoy the series anyway, but think the choice of theme, and incidental music is very good. It’d be interesting to see what music was selected to make up an album songs/themes used in the series.

  • The final song was Johnnie Ray singing ‘I’ll Never fall in love again’

  • Love the music at the end of the Sewing Bee, please please can you send me the details so I can buy it or play it on Spotify ?

    Brilliant! and uplifting!

    Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you ,
    Vanessa Newell

  • isabella Greenham
    26th February 2015 9:15 pm

    Ian I absolutely LOVE yr theme tune for sewing bee. I was convinced it was old tune for a classy european movie. Is this part of an album because I would love to buy it.

  • Hi Ian, is there a CD/downoad of the background music featured on the current series of the Great British Sewing Bee? I love it all, but cannot identify the singers and so I cannot go and find it myself. I think a CD would be great. Sue

  • Thanks Isabella – no it’s not currently available I’m afraid – but I do think it’s a great idea to compile an album – will mention! Ian

  • sorry Sue there isn’t – but lots of people have asked so will try and get a list of all the songs.

  • Hi,
    Absolutely loving the tunes. Would someone be able to tell the track playing around the 24.30 mark on episode 4 of season 3 of the Great Sewing Bee. It starts with a grand horn intro. Thanks!

  • I’m really happy to have found this page :). I’m a couturier so I relly enjoy watching the Sewing Bee, but I find myself watching the show more and more for the fabulous background music and score! Awesome job!! Well done 🙂 …

  • Dear Ian
    My Mom and I just love the Sewing Bee series! I was hoping you may have a soundtrack CD as the songs and tunes you have used have been perfect and so suited to the series. I think a CD of all the tunes and theme music used would be a great bestseller! Best wishes from New Zealand.

  • thanks Kurt 🙂

  • Thanks Judith – I’ve forwarded everyone’s requests for a soundtrack release to the producers of the show

  • Ian, I love your music and have bought a couple of your albums off iTunes. Please can you let me know if you have any other albums than the Gypsy weddings one, and Create, as I will definitely get it? Please add me to any mailing list you have. Thanks, Rina

  • Thanks Rina – I don’t have a mailing list actually – but have just uploaded 3 soundtracks and included links on my “Music” page – these were previously made available for free but the original company links have long since expired.
    Cheers, Ian.

  • Karen Bailey=Summers
    18th March 2016 1:19 pm

    What are the two songs, sung by women, on the show with the trousers and denim shirts? I don’t know which season it is, as our cable provider does not identify the season. Thanks!

  • sorry Karen I really have no idea – I wrote the instrumental music only didn’t have anything to do with picking songs – did you try Shazam app?

  • Fabulous tune!! Please pretty pleeeaaase can we have the sheet music – I’m desperate to play it on my clarinet!

  • thanks! – will see what I can do in the next few weeks

  • There is a song, which i think is japanese, at the end of the first challenge in episode 7 of series 4. I’ve been trying to find it but it has foreign lyrics so its hard to find. If anyone knows the song could you let me know. Thanks 🙂

  • Hi Anita, it’s Miss Me Just a Little by Johnie Ray.

  • Sheila Adams
    4th July 2016 9:55 pm

    The song at the end of the last show is Miss me Just a little by Johnny Ray. I loved it too

  • Hi…I dont watch the show, but my wife loves it. She is watching the 2016 final and a piece of music was played which I love, and I heard it from the next room, but I dont know what its called.
    It sounds like it was made in the 60’s, has epic orchestral strings that for some reason make me imagine being on a beach somewhere with a nice breexe blowing. Kinda sounds a bit like henry mancini , and was definitely from around that kinda era. Its instrumental, and the chords kinda slide from one to the other.

  • I was a massive fan of Johnny Ray and went to his concerts at the London Palladium. I still have a vynl recordinging of one of those occasions (10 in. I might add) which no one is allowed to play except me. I agree the music of this series is fantastic in so many ways but especily when the final ends with my all time hero singing, added to which one of my hobbies is sewing, but not to the ‘Bee’ standard. however I think it is a wonderful programme and the background music is a added bonus.

  • Delighted I came across this site 🙂
    Yet another Johnnie Ray (I think) question from the latest Sewing Bee series if you can possibly help… in the second last episode (or the one before), there was just the first line of a verse or chorus played, so frustrating! It sounded like “Don’t be nice to me” or Dawn, be nice to me”. I’ve tried to find out what song it could be by going through various lyrics sites but I’m stuck.
    I’d be so grateful if you have the answer:-)

  • Fred Arrowsmith
    14th July 2016 12:11 am

    Johnny Ray – Miss me just a little, from his walking in the rain album…the end credit music 2016 final.

  • I’d dearly love to know the song listing for the entire series. It looks like I may not be on my own. I love the music!!! Thankyou Amanda

  • Is the signature tune to the latest Sewing Bee series available as a piano solo. I absolutely love it!

  • Hi Jan – we’re working on it! Will keep you posted, thanks for the interest 🙂

  • Jonathan Ledbury
    12th August 2016 8:17 pm

    Delighted that you put the title theme up for us to enjoy. It’s fabulous. I also love the incidental music, particularly during the introduction and at the end of the show when Claudia Winkelman details what will happen next week. If you could make that available, I’d be ever indebted.

  • Jonathan Ledbury
    12th August 2016 8:25 pm

    Found the compilation The piece I’m looking for in particular runs from 00m38s to 01m08s before fading out. Many thanks.

  • Hi Ian, I so loved the instrumental music during the sari alteration challenge can I access it anywhere? Wendy

  • Thanks for the kind words Jonathan – hoping the soundtrack will be available to download before the next series starts

  • Thanks Wendy – will keep you posted on a soundtrack release – hopefully soon.

  • Here’s another request for a listing of the songs used during the episodes! I enjoyed the music as much as the sewing, nearly! I recognize the Doris Day tunes, but there is one South American tune during Ep 7 Season 4 that plays when Jade’s dress is being modeled(at the end) and though the chorus is recognizable(chicka-chicka-boom-chick), I can’t find it! Does anyone know what it might be?

  • Fell in love with two songs … sorry, don’t know which Season/Episode, but they went like this:
    #1 Lovely in the daytime, lovely in the night time
    #2 Mama, show me the wsy

  • Hi Ian. Is this file now available to use as ringtone?
    Thank you.

  • Hello there I have not watched the show before but whilst at my mum’s I did! Episode 7 Series 5 – there are some amazing creations and is compulsive watching!
    I enjoy the humour and LOVE the music playlist during the episode – is there anyway a playlist is available? Anyone have any ideas? I heard Kraftwerk and there were some Indian music too.
    Can the show makers share the playlists created for each episode?

  • Love the title track too!!

  • Thanks Peter – you’d have to contact the production company for this I only worked on the composed score –

  • It sounded like Malcolm Vaughan who was very popular in the 50s. I am trying to find out myself because I loved the song

  • I loved the song at the end of the sewing bee final. The Bells. Is there anyway I can acquire a recording? Many thanks. I just loved the song.

  • Sorry I wasn’t involved in the songs but apparently it’s Malcolm Vaughan – I don’t know the title of the song though I’m afraid…


  • I’m told it is but don’t know the song title I’m afraid!

  • Hi, I love all the tunes/songs at the end. Would love a CD of all them, especially the 2020 final.

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