MotoGP 2018 – Milestone
LEGO DC Super-Villains – TT Games (Work in progress)
Ultimate Racing 2D – Applimazing
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 – TT Games
LEGO Worlds – TT Games (additional music)
Total War: Warhammer2 (co-composer) – Creative Assembly
Spellsouls: Duel Of Legends – Nordeus
Lego Marvel’s Avengers – TT Games
Oure – Heavy Spectrum
Title TBA – Natural Motion (in progress)
Total War: Warhammer (co-composer) – Creative Assembly
Shadow Of The Beast – Sony (PS4)
LEGO Dimensions – TT Games (in progress)
Attila: Total War (co-composer) – Creative Assembly
F1 2014 – Codemasters (PS3, Xbox360, PC)
Grid Autosport – Codemasters (PS3, Xbox360, PC)
Rome II: Total War – Creative Assembly – (PC)
LEGO the Hobbit: The Video Game – TT Games
Grid 2 – Codemasters (PS3, Xbox360, PC)
Walking With Dinosaurs (Sony Wonderbook, Supermassive/BBC)
F1 2013 – Codemasters (PS3, Xbox360, PC)
F1 2012 – Codemasters (PS3, Xbox360, PC)
F1 2011 – Codemasters (PS3, Xbox360, PC)
F1 2010 – Codemasters (PS3, Xbox360, PC)
Forza Motorsport 4 – Turn10 Studios(Xbox360)
All Zombies Must Die – Doublesix Games (PSN, PC)
Burn Zombie Burn: In Space, Zombie Sushi – Doublesix Games (PSN, PC)
Race Driver: Grid – Codemasters (PS3, XBox 360)
Napoleon: Total War – Creative Assembly – (PC)
Top Gun – Paramount/Doublesix Games (PS3)
Create – EA (all formats)
Battlefield Heroes – Dice/EA (PC)
Chick Frenzy – Nuclide (iPhone)
Battlefield 1943 – Dice/EA (PS3, Xbox360, PC)
Race Driver: Grid – Codemasters (PS3, Xbox360, PC, Arcade)
Monopoly The World Edition – EA (PS3, Xbox360, Wii)
Trivial Pursuit – EA (PS3, Xbox360, Wii)
Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts – THQ / Relic (PC)
Boom Boom Rockets EA (XBox360)
Bionicle Heroes (Xbox360)
Dungeons And Dragons Tactics (PSP)
Batman Begins – EA (all formats)
Predator Concrete Jungle – Fox (all formats)
Gotham Racing2 – Microsoft (Xbox)
Sinbad:Legend of the 7 Seas (Dreamworks) (PC)
Buffy2: Chaos Bleeds – Sierra (PS2)
Warhammer 40,000: Fire Warrior – THQ (PS2,PC)
Mace Griffin: Bountry Hunter – BLG (PS2, Xbox)
Treasure Planet – Disney (PS2)
Lego Creator Harry Potter and The Philosophers Stone – Lego Media – (PC)
Thunderbirds – SCI (PS2)
X-Men2 – Wolvy’s Revenge – Activision (all formats)
Lego Creator 2000 – Superscape (PC)
Global Touring Challenge – Rage (PS2)
Tom and Jerry – Crave (PSX)
Official Formula 1’99 – Eidos – (PSX)
Starlancer – Microsoft / DA – (PC, DC)
Star Trek: Invasion – Activision – (PSX)
Rugby World Cup – Electronic Arts – (PC)
Football World Manager – Ubisoft (PC)
Davis Cup Tennis – Telstar (PSX)
Master of the Skies:The Red Ace -Small Rockets (PC)
Red Ace Squadron – Small Rockets (PC)
Tower Of The Ancients – Small Rockets (PC)
Art Is Dead – Small Rockets (PC)
MAD – Small Rockets (PC)
Republic – Black Friar (PC)
XLR8 – Simtex/Thomson (PC)
Jo Guest – Love Bytes – Megastar (PC)
Nightmare In The Toy Factoy – Anglia (PC)
Xenocracy – Eidos/Grolier (PC, PSX)
Rocket Mania Deluxe – PopCap.com (PC / PDA)
Penguin Puzzle Deluxe – Nuclide.com (PC)
Noah’s Ark Deluxe – PopCap.com (PC)
Pixelus Deluxe – PopCap.com (PC)
Small Rockets Poker (PC)
Small ROckets Backgammon (PC)
Small Rockets Mah Jongg (PC)
Candy Cruncher – Pryogon.com (PC)
NingPo MahJong – Pyrigon.com (PC)
Text Express Deluxe – Zylom.com (PC)

Phone / Handheld Titles

Iron Man: Aerial Assault – Kuju
Capone Casino/Capone Casino 3D
Capone Casino II/Capone Casino II 3D (Alltel, Movilnet)
3D Scuba Solitaire(alltel)/ Solitaire 3D (Verizon)
AMF Xtreme Bowling/ AMF Xtreme Bowling 3D
The Incredibles 3D
Classic Mini Golf 3D
Ultimate Chess 3D
Paintball Challenge 2
Ultimate Mahjong: Mardi Gras
Kingdom Hearts
Battlestar Galactica: Rogue Razor(TMO)/Battlestar Galactica (rest)
Thief, Run!
Firefighters: City Rescue
Mexican Wrestling
Food Fight: Public School
SWAT the movie
TRON 2.0 3D
Independence Day 3D
AMF Bowling for Prizes
Street Hoops 3D
Evel Knievel
Fight Club
Off Road Racing(2D)/Ivan Ironman 3D
Van Helsing
3D Extreme Air Snowboarding
Harlem GlobetrottersBoat Wars 3D
Andretti Racing
Street Hoops 3D
Miss Reef Puzzle
3D Rally Movistar
Gang Racer Auto
Son of Drakula 3D
Ducati 3DExtreme
3D Ali Boxing/Ali Boxing
Top Spin 2
Calloway Golf
Pele World Soccer
Spring Break: Wet and Wild/ Spring Break: Wet and Wild 3D
NHL Gretzky 3D
AMF Bowling Deluxe
Gum Blox
Balls of Fury/Balls of Fury: Beating off Evil (TMO)
Meteor Mania 3D
Rock Paper Scissors: Rumble
Sushi Shuffle
Demolition Derby
Hamster Mansion
Demolition Derby
Softball Superstars
Ultimate Solitaire


TV / Film

The Repair Shop – (series 1-2) Ricochet / BBC2
American Dynasties: The Kennedys (co-composer)
A New Life In Oz – Ricochet / FIVE
My Big Fat Gypsy Weddings (series 1-4) Firecracker Films / Channel 4
The Great British Sewing Bee (series 1-3) – BBC2
Protecting Our Foster Kids (series) BBC2 – directed by Sam Emmery
The Messenger (2015) – feature directed by David Blair (in post production)
The Caravan (2015) – feature directed by Simon Powell
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (midi programmer)
The Last Time (Michael Keaton) (song/soundtrack).
Poor Wee Me (2010) feature film
Scrappers (series 1-2) BBC1 / Liberty Bell
My Online Bride – Channel 4 / Firecracker Films
The Wedding Proposal – Channel 4 / Blast Films
Babies Behind Bars (series) ITV1, TLC
Paranormal Witness (RAW Tv)
A Very British Party (series) Firecracker Films
Survival: Tales From The Wild (series) – ITV1
Monsters In My Head (series) Firecracker Films
Demon Exorcist (series) Animal Planet
Mermaid Girl: A New Chapter – TLC
The Conductor – Short
Daredevils – The Human Bird – Channel 4
Daredevils – The Human Spider Returns – Channel 4
Daredevils – The Sky Walker – Firecracker Films / Channel 4
Daredevils – Ice Man – Firecracker FIlms / Channel 4
Poor Wee Me – feature, directed by Simon Powell
Curtains – short directed by Julian Barratt (of The Mighty Boosh)
Francesco’s Mediterranean Voyage – BBC (additional music)
Isobel (short animated movie)
The Little Mermaid (Mermaid Girl US title) Firecracker FIVE/Discovery
The Human Spider – Firecracker Films / Channel 4 Cutting Edge
The Boy Who Can Never Grow Old – Granada Media – FIVE
The Man With No Past – Firecracker Films / FIVE
My Penis and Everyone Else’s – FIVE
The Day We Learnt To Think – BBC Horizons
BBC – Bermuda Triangle Beneath The Waves
The King Maker movie starring John Rhys-Davies
Heroes (episode 1) – additional music
Who’s Afraid Of HIV 1 year on – BBC World
The Ferocious Mr Fixit – Theme tune – BBC3
Mania (series) – Firecracker Films – Theme tune – Channel 4



Mars Bar “We’re Right Behind You England”
BBC HD – Red Bee Media / Fallon
O2 – “Dominose”
Nestle “Incredibles” – Saatchi and Saatchi
Nestle “Heroes” – Saatchi and Saatchi
National Lottery – National TV
Barclays Bank – 2 TV commercials