Total War Warhammer2 is released!

Oct 11, 2017

I co-composed the epic 4hr score along with composers Richard Beddow, Richard Wells, Tilman Sillescu and Tim Wynn – which was recorded with the Budapest Scoring Symphonic Orchestra and choir.

Welcome To The New World – music composed by Ian Livingstone.

official site

“Sequel to the award-winning Total War: WARHAMMER, Total War: WARHAMMER II introduces a breathtaking campaign of exploration, expansion and conquest across The New World.”

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Hey Ian, do you know if the soundtrack will be released in the future? Also, which parts of the soundtrack did you write? You guys did a fantastic job on the game!


thanks Ethan – re: soundtrack release I’m hoping so for this one but no idea tbh. We all did a mix of different cultures.


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